Sunday, August 5, 2007


Today, August 5th 2007, Friendship day...n i was just going through my album....

n found this pic of class II at AFGJI Delhi...could remember quite a few of my classmates, bt need help with the others...

Ist row...
1st Jaspreet
2nd Himanshu
3rd Arshdeep
5th Priyanka

2nd row
1st Varun
2nd Sanaa
7th Himani
9th Kiran

3rd row
2nd Mandeep
4th Raghav
7th Sajal
8th Ankit
9th Harpreet
10th This looks like Prashant...though i am nt sure..
12th Urminder

4th Row
1st Vaibhav
2nd Karan
3rd Hitanshu
5th Keshav
6th Shashank
7th Hardik

now help me find the rest of the names in the class pic guys..
n as a coincidence, Keshav uploaded another pic on orkut of some of us frm our last yr at school..n u can make out all of us there....

Clockwise frm top left:Nihit, Jaspreet, Me, Nishant, Vivek, Govinda, ,Prashant, , Arjun, Sid, Ashish, Arshdeep Singh, Himanshu and Keshav....frnds forever....

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